About Little Star

A few words about Little Star…
Kids’ Academy Little Star
22 & 71b Tetmajera Street
31-352 Kraków
phone: 012 626 38 80
mobile phone: 0609 181 975


Our Kids’ Academy has been entered into the Register of Business Entities and functions as private day care facility for children (i.e. a private kindergarten).

In our work with children we are going to use a syllabus accepted by the Polish Ministry of Education but we will incorporate into it lesson plans for children aged 2-5 that have been suggested in the methodology of preschool education coursebooks.
The artistic activities will be conducted according to copyright curriculum and English will be taught according to our own curriculum that has been successfully put to practice by the teacher and that is supported by the Ministerial syllabus.
We also offer callisthenics and religion classes for those who are interested. We are also open to any suggestions of activities from Parents and Children.
We hope to make children feel safe and cherished in our place and to make them get knowledge about the surrounding world by playing, talking, singing, asking and answering questions. Our main objective is to develop children’s creativity; in our work we are going to use modern methods, for example the Good Start method or the method of Veronica Sherborne



– offers regular groups for children aged 2-5 (max. 10 children per group)
– provides care of younger children by appointment (max. 5 children at the same time)
– invites children of other nationalities who cannot speak Polish yet but can communicate successfully in English or Russian
– offers adaptation activities (one Saturday per month) for younger children who would like to attend the Kids’ Academy in the following school year (2010/11).




– professional staff
– small age groups (max. 10 children)
– „emergency care” for Parents in need a separate group (max. 5 children at the same time)
– communication in Polish and English
– callisthenics
– artistic workshops (conducted by an Art. Academy graduate)
– religion classes for those who wre interested
– paediatrician’s, dentist’s and speech therapist’s advice
– 4 meals a day
We own a small yard where we are planning to build a playground for children. This year we are going to use a public playground situated opposite our Academy.
Parents can call us any time to find out what their children are doing at the moment.
Small groups ensure each child is approached individually; our teachers will get to know the children soon and try to meet their expectations. We would like the children to remain themselves and to keep their spontaneity while learning the rules of group cooperation.
We will do our best to make sure children in Little Star are always happy and feel at home as when they are with their Mummy – safe and cherished. Experienced teachers will take care of your children and support their development.
We would call it a success if children didn’t want to leave Little Star and went there happily every morning.
I myself, as a parent, have always been dreaming about a place like this! Having to part with my daughter, and before with my son, was a nightmare! Stomachache, tears, cries of despair every morning made it very difficult for me to concentrate at work. With my heart burdened I got down to

my duties. I would be very happy if I could make parting with your Children in the morning easier for you. I believe it will be possible with the help of the experienced teachers at the Academy.